We know that when in the market for a personal sawmill there are a lot of brands available, each offering their unique design features, optional equipment and pricing.

We have used many of the competitors mills over the years in our milling operations and have chosen to not only use TIMBERY Sawmills on our site, but to represent them in Western Canada as a dealer. The reasons were many.

FULLY ASSEMBLED SAWHEADS AND WELDED BEDS; unlike some of the competition that require days to assemble at home before you can use it.

INNOVATIVE SAWHEAD, CARRIAGE AND BED DESIGNS; the result of over 25 years of sawmill design and fabrication experience.

HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION; far superior to any other mill in its class and price.

UNBEATABLE PRICING; "feature for feature", no other brand can touch these prices.

OPTIONAL ACCCESSORIES, BLADES AND REPLACEMENT PARTS PRICED WELL BELOW THE COMPETITION; you won't be regretting your mill purchase when its time to add upgrades or service your mill.

INDUSTRIAL SUBARU ENGINES; used in all TIMBERY mills delivering reliable operation rugged construction, a huge service network and a full 3 years warranty.